Insecticide rain - a new dark age

Reliability:   SuffOil-X applications are more uniform than conventional oil emulsions that break apart causing the oil to separate and float to the surface of the tank.  This uniformity greatly reduces the chance of plant phytotoxicity and improves its effectiveness. 

Inspect all of your house plants regularly for signs of insects. While watering them, spend a little time to look them over.

For down the drains, apply the PT-221. Its listed in our article for drain treating and it won't affect the bacteria needed to keep septics in balance.

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Malathion is a commonly used insecticide to control insects such as flies, aphids, grass hoppers, spider mites and more. Martin's Malathion 57% solution has 5 lbs. of malathion in one gallon.

This insecticide can be used on crops, trees, scrubs, foundations, and more. Application rates vary based upon crop or location. See package details for correct usage and proper application rates.


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VoliamFlexi is a unique, broad spectrum, soil systemic insecticide solution which provides your crop a pre-emptive boost of energy and keeps it going through out its life cycle. This solution will help growers attain their crop’s potential by providing a healthy foundation to the plants for a great harvest per acre. VoliamFlexi, a new generation product haS excellent and long lasting control over diseases like Tomato Leaf Curl Virus, Bacterial wilt and early blight. These diseases causes yield loss up to 70-100 % if uncontrolled. Farmers wanting to prevent crop losses due to insect attack are encouraged to use this variety for better crop productivity. Complying with all safety norms, VoliamFlexi is specially designed to target Sucking & Lepidoptera pest with long lasting control to add crop vigor and crop establishment. This is designed to prepare healthier plants per acre. It not only protects the young plant but also makes it visibly look better. This does not get washed off from rain, so a single application of VoliamFlexi protects the plant in its initial crop cycle and thereby reduces 1 to 2 foliar applications saving on the labour cost and time.

* Frass - Accumulating in piles or caught in spider webbing; has a finely-shredded appearance. Do not confuse with small sawdust from construction, doors or cabinets rubbing on one another, or drywood termite fecal pellets.

Insecticide Rain - A New Dark AgeInsecticide Rain - A New Dark AgeInsecticide Rain - A New Dark AgeInsecticide Rain - A New Dark Age