Loom - lice

Elsewhere on the EP ‘Acid King City’ centers around a riff that sounds a little like a grunged up ‘Children of the Revolution’ and a cover of early 90’s noise band The Jesus Lizard’s ‘Seasick’ features an unhinged vocal from Badwan that croons in places and yells maniacally in others… which is pretty damn exciting. ‘Salt’ is perhaps the most accomplished track on the EP with an almost Sex Pistols -esque propulsion to the driving hi-hats of the drums and the chugging power chords of the guitars. The vocal melodies are significantly more developed here than on the other tracks and Badwan’s performance and lyrics give the listener far more to emotionally invest in than the unfocused mayhem of ‘Lice’ .

LoOm - LiceLoOm - LiceLoOm - LiceLoOm - Lice