Various アタックno.1 - original soundtrack

Background wise, according to one of Ultraman Orb's writers, Takao Nakano, Orb (and by extension his human form, Gai Kurenai) had his conception based on Ultraseven , whom, like Orb, uses human disguises and started their lives as wanderers on Earth sometime before the setting of their series. Aside from that, other motives and elements include Japanese novel Lone Samurai Monjiro , American actor Clint Eastwood (whose known for his role as wanderers) and singer Tsunehiko Kamijō 's image song, Dareka ga Kaze no Naka de . All this is done under the purpose to "re-invoke the wanderer hero in the 21st century world". [2]

The attack has been demonstrated to be effective against full disk encryption schemes of various vendors and operating systems , even where a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) secure cryptoprocessor is used. [2] This is because the problem is fundamentally a hardware (insecure memory) and not a software issue. While the focus of current research is on disk encryption, any sensitive data held in memory is vulnerable to the attack. [2]

Various アタックNo.1 - Original Soundtrack